Catechism Monthly Security


we will have to pay rent for our room, Fr Ben has given us this room with the understanding we assist with Security at Catechism, Saying the Rosary in church prior to the meetings and help at the festival.

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We have Catechism Security each Wednesday night. I can use some help with workers.

I need a total of 4 men each week,  We start at 5:55pm and are done by 8pm.

 Please you must have "Protecting God's Children Certificate"

Print and complete the Criminal Background Check Authorization Form. Submit form to the church office for verification.

Criminal Background Check Authorization Form 

Attend a free Protecting God's Children session

Click on "Protecting God's Children"  Then click on "Register for Training - Protecting God's Children"

Submit a copy of the certificate to the church office.

* Note: ALL volunteers in contact with any children must submit to a criminal background check, prior to volunteering,

and take the Protecting God's Children class per Archdiocese of Detroit mandate.

If you have already taken the PGC class, submit a copy of your certificate to the office.