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 Everyone who works with any child MUST take Protecting God's Children for Adults

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Knights of Columbus

St. Nicholas
Sterling Heights Council 7011
   •  41233 Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314 

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Council Meetings Our Council meeting is at St. Cyril, the first Thursday of the month will be after the 7:00 PM Mass, we will lead the Rosary before Mass, at 6:30 try to arrive in time to help lead the Rosary and stay for Mass.  Last Thursday of each month Officers Meeting.


Brothers, I need help on projects: If you are interested in volunteering contact me at Jim Pawlik h-586-268-2849 or

Monthly breakfast at St. Rene’s is the second Sunday of the month and we need people to help make the event easy and fun. This activity raises money for the Seminarians. We start at 7:00 AM and are usually done by 12:30 PM.

Chili Cook Off at St. Rene’s on February 18, 2017 starts after the 4:00 PM Mass. We need four people minimum to do the event. The event last year helped to make money and good will at the Parish. The Men’s Club runs the hall and we run the kitchen. The Youth group helps the Men’s Club. This event involves a lot of people in the parish and our exposure helps our image.

Anyone that thinks they have a good chili recipe is asked to bring a crack pot full of their chili to St Rene’s on February 25, 2017 before the 4:00 PM Mass. They can drop it off in the social hall. We are giving awards for the following categories:

1. The best tasting chili!

2. The most unusual chili!

3. The hottest chili!

When you drop your chili off for judging please let us know what categories you want to be put in. if you think you have the hottest chili please advise us so we can warn the people before they taste it. For unusual it can be made from wild game such as bear, buffalo, deer, etc., but you have to tell us what makes it unusual. The way the contest will be judged is by the parishioners of St. Rene. After 4:00PM mass they may come and be a judge by buying 3 tickets for $3.00/person. The tickets will be different colors. They will have one vote in each category. They samples of the chili will be served by the Youth Ministry Group. You will be given a small sample of each chili for judging. Once you have determined you choices you can place the tickets in the appropriate voting container by the chili you select. Once everyone has had a chance to taste and vote, the votes will be counted and the awards will be presented.

We will be offering Hot Dogs ($1/ea.), Coney Dogs ($1.25/ea.), French Fries ($1/serving) and pop ($1/ea.) for sale. The profits from this will go to the St. Rene’s Men’s Club and the Youth Ministry Group.

So if you have a favorite Chili Recipe please make some for us. If you do not want to cook then please be a judge. It will be a fun evening. Everyone is welcome.

I would like to thank everyone who came out to All Saints soup kitchen to help setup, make salad and prepare the meal for our guests. They greatly appreciate the hot meals that are prepared. I would like to thank Chef Steve Gadzinski for making Chicken Soup from scratch that was greatly appreciated by the guests as they do not get soup very often.

Thank You Bob Pawlik PGK


NOTE! Meetings at Ss. Cyril and Methodius will be held after the
6:15pm Rosary and 7:00pm Mass.


FEBRUARY 5-8, 2017~ TEXAS HOLDEM 3:45pm TO 1:30am AT MR. “B’s



FEBRUARY 25, 2017~ CHILI COOK OFF 4:00-7:00







Pray for those in Distress

Please remember in your prayers Brother Mario DiDonato, Brother Steve Kranson, Brother Bob Bogedin, Brother Jim Jaczkowski, Brother Michael Gray,Dan Nowakowski PFN, Brother Frank Slanda, Brother Ron Tanawski, Brother Joseph Zub, Brother Dan Looby, Brother Joe Bieniek, Brother Marty Polleni PSD, Lori Gee daughter of PGK Michael Gray, Brother Mario DiDonato, Brother Jim Stelzer, Brother Dale Grace PGK Florence Bogedin wife of Brother Bob Bogein, Hania White wife of Brother Joseph White , Anna DiDonato wife of Brother Mario DiDonato, Fran Janick, Diane Weaver wife of the late Brother Dan Weaver PGK, PFN, Janice Jalowiecki wife of the late Brother Ray Jalowiecki, Diane Sulikowski wife of Brother Larry Sulikowski, Denise Mercier wife of the late Brother Jerry Mercier, Kathy Pawlik wife of Brother Bob Pawlik, Gerri Stelzer wife of Brother Jim Stelzer, Danette DiLullo daughter of the late Brother Dan Weaver PGK, PFN, Barry Fisher Friend to Greg Johnson, Laura Kaluszka wife of Brother Medard Kaluszka, Nico Kruas Nephew to Brother James Jaczkowski

Also remember in your prayers Brother Frank Valco and all the faithful departed who once walked amongst us.

Grand Knight

Dear Brother Knights and Family members,

Vivat Jesus!

As we complete the first six months of 2016-2017 Administrative Year, let us reflect on what we have accomplished , and what challenges lay in front of us. As you know we have Four Pillars, that we as a Council support- Right to Life - The Homeless - The Mentally Impaired - and Vocations.

Our direction has allowed us to touch on each of these pillars, with five Pancake Breakfast, to support Vocations, a MI Drive, to support the mentally Impaired, Feeding the Homeless at St Leo and All Saints Soup Kitchen , two Texas Holdem supporting the various Charitable Programs we as a Council provide for , accompanied by supporting Our church community , and a ministry Fair in support of Faith , what an accomplishment.

I believe we are on the right path , and a difference is being made. Now where do we go from here , well the goals are the same the challenges continue to be in front of us , and we are only as good as the efforts put forth , and we will continue to work tirelessly to accomplish these goals.

My hope for 2017 is that we as a Council , continue to make a difference. I know it can only be accomplished by the efforts of everyone in the Council participating to make it happen. As we move into the next six months of the Administrative Year let's make St Nicholas Council 7011 Great.

Tom Starynchak

Grand Knight

Deputy Grand Knight

Dear Brother Knights:


This appeal is to those members who have completed the 'Protecting Gods Children Course “and have not committed to helping with the Wednesday catechism parking lot schedule.

The time required is: 6pm to 6:30pm as the children are being dropped off- 6:30 pm to 7:15pm take a break inside the church hall - 7:15pm to 7:45pm work the parking lot until all the children have been picked up. Your help is greatly need by those who have already committed their time. Some of us are working most Wednesdays to cover the requirement of four people needed to cover the parking lot. To take the Protecting God's Children Course please check at the Parish Office for more information.


The Council, in order to survive needs your support. Read the News Letter and attend the meetings to find out what is going on.

Vivat Jesus

Joe Honce DGK


Please remember to mail your check for the 2017 membership year. A second notice went out in the mail on January 15th. Now is a time to make a resolution to join us at our first Thursday of each month business meeting. Please feel free to call me to learn about any of St. Nicholas Councils Events.

A thank you for your the many years of service with the K of C.

Vivat Jesus!

Joseph White

St. Nicholas Sterling Heights Council 7011


Junior High & High School Students

$100.00 first prize, $50.00 second prize, $25.00 gift certificate third prize in each grade group

Grades 7 & 8, 9 & 10, 11 & 12

Stories must be true, creative and written with correct grammar and punctuation.

See the attached files for contest registration form and instructions

Once complete, your work must be submitted to the Saint Cyril & Methodius Parish office NO LATER THAN February 24. 2017.

Any questions please contact Ken Pullis at

First place prizes for each of the categories are named for three of our own pro-life warriors

First Prize Group 1 (Grades 11 & 12) BABY JOLIE RENEE SOBOLIC AWARD

First prize Group 2 (Grades 9 & 10) RACHEL SOBOLIC AWARD

First prize Group 3 (Grades 7 & 8) SUE SCARCHILLI AWARD

Please see the explanation of the various awards

Baby Jolie Renee Sobolic

The first place prize in our 4-Life Story Scavenger Hunt-2017 for Group 1 ( grades 11/12 ) is named after baby Jolie Renee Sobolic who, after being diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome and fetal hydrops while in her mother’s womb, fought courageously to hang on to life.

Rachel, refusing early termination, an often recommended “treatment” for this condition, was determined to carry her child and trust in God’s love and mercy. Her daughter, who was named Jolie Renee Sobolic, fought for life in her mother’s womb. God called Jolie home on August 27, 2016, Rachel’s birthday. After 26 weeks of struggle, while providing a real life witness for the pro-life movement, baby Jolie Renee finally succumbed to Turner’s Syndrome. Rachel delivered her daughter and, after 23 hours of labor, gave birth, thus allowing her family to see and hold this remarkable child. Jolie Renee Sobolic was interred at Resurrection Cemetery with a Roman Catholic burial service.

This infant, Renee Jolie, along with her mother Rachel, her father Mark, and her entire family, provided a remarkable witness to life and is an inspiration to everyone involved in the pro-life movement. It is appropriate that this award be named after than Baby Jolie Renee Sobolic.

“On August 27, 2016 after 23 hours of labor I delivered our sweet girl.Jolie Renee Sobolic was simply beautiful. She never had the chance to open her eyes to our world but she did to God instead. My soul is now tired and will need some healing. I love and cherish the time we had with her, she fought so incredibly hard. Not only does she share my fighting spirit she shares my birth date as well. We will miss everything that could have been in her life but she did not leave the world without a mark. She taught us patience and virtue. She taught us that life is so very precious. Jolie is our "Sunshine". I have no doubt that she had everything to do with that wilted little sunflower we planted in her honor blooming so tall and bright on August 27th. I thank you everyone for your support through our journey, all our love.”

Rachel Catherine Sobolic

The first place prize in our 4-Life Story Scavenger Hunt-2017 for Group 2 (grades 9/10) is named after Rachel Catherine Sobolic who, while carrying her third child, was informed by the doctors that this child was diagnosed with Turner’s Syndrome and fetal hydrops. The survival rate for babies with these conditions is extremely low and most babies are lost before birth. Early termination is often offered as option when infants are diagnosed with these medical problems. Rachel courageously refused early termination and lovingly carried her child trusting in God’s love and mercy.

Rachel and her husband Mark kept family and friends informed with weekly updates, emails and pictures throughout her pregnancy. They received hundreds of prayers for her, Mark and the baby. Rachel’s baby, who was named Jolie Renee Sobolic, fought for life in her mother’s womb. God called Jolie home on August 27, 2016, Rachel’s birthday.

After 26 weeks of struggle, while providing a real life witness for the pro-life movement, baby Jolie Renee finally succumbed to Turner’s Syndrome. Rachel delivered her daughter and, after 23 hours of labor, gave birth, thus allowing her family to see and hold this remarkable child. Jolie Renee Sobolic was interred at Resurrection Cemetery with a Roman Catholic burial service.

Rachel, along with her baby and her entire family, provided a remarkable witness to life. She is an inspiration to everyone involved in the pro-life movement. We cannot think of a better person to name this award after than Rachel Sobolic.

Sue Scarchilli Award

The first place prize in our 4-Life Story Scavenger Hunt-2017 for Group 3 (grades 7/8) is named after Sue Scarchilli. Sue has been a strong pro-life advocate for many years. Before coming to SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church, Sue led the pro-life group at St. Lawrence Catholic Church. This work entailed praying at abortion clinics, conducting baby bottles drives to raise money for organizations like Mary’s Mantle, participating every year in the 40 days for Life and starting a first ever spiritual adoption program which is now called ‘Guadalupe Students for Life’. Sue was also a homeschooling mom of 6 children ages 6 to 18 who was instrumental in starting a homeschool hybrid program, Regina Caeli Academy, which leases space at SS Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church. Her role was the coordinator of education for this program which offers a classical education for homeschoolers and accommodates entire family.

In October of this year Sue was diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery to remove it. The cancer was much more advanced than initially thought and complications from surgery led to her transfer to Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. In spite of her grave condition, Sue’s body inexplicably continued to fight the complications from surgery and the specialized doctors at Henry Ford were stumped. Henry Ford became a kind of ‘extended Catholic Church’ during this time with bedside adoration with our Lord, visits from the Divine Mercy Institute and the Father Solanus Casey Center and a constant flow of visitors praying at her bedside including many relics. The grace that flowed through the hospital was palpable. Sue was a model patient touching the hearts of everyone who cared for her by her example of faith and trust in Jesus. After one month’s stay in the hospital, Sue’s condition had stabilized so that she could return home. She was able to go home and spend time with her family for three days before having to return to the hospital. The second hospital admission was not so different from the first hospital admission as far as the circumstances being grave. The same doctor was on duty that was on duty for her first admission, but this time he had no prognosis to offer since he had been mistaken the first time. This time, however, Sue’s body could not fight the infection that had taken hold and she passed peacefully on November 21, 2016 right after the completion of the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

The way Sue lived her last month exemplified her deep faith and trust in our Lord. She, along with her husband and her entire family, strived to live their lives according to God’s will and trusted completely in His love and mercy. She is an inspiration to everyone involved in the pro-life movement. We cannot think of a better person to name this award after than Sue Scarchilli.

Membership Report

Vivat Jesus

Membership Report

Currently we have 185 Members , and of that there are 82 Insurance Members and 103 Associate Members, 13inactive, 15 Honorary Members, 54 Honorary Life Members, and Zero Disability Members. Our Goal for 2016 - 2017 Administrative Year is 12 New Members, we currently have one New Member, leaving us with 11 to go. We have one Insurance Member and our Goal is 4. Why is this important , well for us to receive our Columbian Award and attain Star Council we need to complete the Goal and meet the Challenge by June 31, 2017.

I currently have 3 New Candidates that will go through a Major Degree in January 2017 leaving us a Goal of 8 New Members by June and 3 New Insurance Members. It is attainable YES!! But only with each Member replacing themselves , by asking a Catholic Gentleman to join our Order and St Nicholas Council 7011

Help be a part of the Growth and make 2017 a Great Year.

Membership Director Tom Starynchak

Knights of Columbus “BENEFITS NEWS”

April 15 - tax day - is right around the corner. It’s become popular this time of year to encourage the opening of an IRA or similar retirement annuity, or the depositing of additional funds into an existing account, as a tax savings vehicle. A secondary approach is to tout the rate of interest that money in one of these accounts can earn. Let me join the chorus of folks encouraging you to open or add funds to an annuity, but for a different reason.

Certainly, contributing money to a Knights of Columbus annuity will allow you to save some money on your income tax return. And our annuities do pay a very competitive interest rate, consistent with our primary goal of absolute safety of principal. Opening or adding to an annuity for these reasons, however, strikes me as taking a short-term view of a product that is designed to provide long-term security. How much security? How does a retirement income that you cannot outlive - guaranteed – sound to you?

Here at the Knights of Columbus, you can open a retirement annuity for as little as $300. Consistent and disciplined savings placed into that annuity over time can guarantee you an income at retirement that you cannot outlive. That guarantee – along with the fact that no one has ever lost money left in a Knights of Columbus annuity (remember – absolute safety of principal), really will provide you with peace of mind.

I am happy to meet with you – at your convenience and in your home – to explain in detail the benefits of opening a Knights of Columbus annuity, along with the benefits of our top-rated life insurance and long term care insurance plans.

As you ponder all the things that may not work out as you proceed toward retirement, think about one thing you can do to help yourself – opening a Knights of Columbus annuity. It’s reasonably priced ($300 to start), guaranteed, and controlled by someone you trust – you!

*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.


In Christ, 

Anthony C. Bliss, FIC –

Supreme Council Field Agent  Knights of Columbus Insurance

750 Pine Ridge Lane,  Madison Heights, MI 48071 Cell:       (248) 548-0372  E-mail:      


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