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 Everyone who works with any child MUST take Protecting God's Children for Adults

Catechism Monthly Security Schedules and Forms

Knights of Columbus

St. Nicholas
Sterling Heights Council 7011
   •  41233 Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314 

Council Meetings Our Council meeting is at St. Cyril, the first Thursday of the month will be after the 7:00 PM Mass, we will lead the Rosary before Mass, at 6:30 try to arrive in time to help lead the Rosary and stay for Mass.  Last Thursday of each month Officers Meeting.

MAY 18, 2017~ Officers Meeting 6:00pm

MAY 24 THRU 27, 2017~State Convention on Mackinac Island

JULY 9, 2017 ~ Clergy Night
JULY 12-15, 2017~ Texas Holdem at 5 Star
JULY 21, 2017~Council Picnic
DEC 17, 2017~ Christmas Party at Sajos


Vivat Jesus
As the administrative year comes close to an end, let us reflect on what we have Accomplished or, will accomplish in support of the Four Pillars, we as a Council have adopted, Right to Life, Feeding the homeless, The Mentally Impaired, and Vocations.

$5000.00 was raised and Distributed to five Special Ed Programs, within five local Schools, in Sterling Heights, along with $1000.00 spent to feed the Homeless at two Local Detroit Church Soup Kitchens. We continue to support our Seminarians with a $500.00 contribution to help in their Studies at the Seminary. And last our participation in raising funds within our District, through a Baby Bottle Program, Commencing June 24 2017, at SS Cyril & Methodious, the money raised will enable us to purchase two Ultrasound Machines with the help of the Knights of Columbus Supreme Office.
The Machines will be installed at two separate Pregnancy Clinics, thus helping individuals make the right decisions regarding their newborn child, by educating them on the importance of life and its rewards. Quite an accomplishment for a group of Men that thoughly believe in the importance of
making a difference within our Church and our local Community.

Grand Knight
Tom Starynchak

Deputy Grand Knight

Brother Knights: Vivat Jesus!
Reminder that the election of officers is at the Business Meeting, Thursday, June 1, 2017.

THIS PAST YEAR (2016-2017). The weekly (Wednesday) catechism classes for 2017-2018 will commence in September 2017. The sign up schedule will be published in August. Your HELP is needed. If you have not completed the “Protecting God’s Children Course”, contact the parish office to arrange for this course. The Criminal Background Check Authorization Form is available at the council meetings.

Monthly Rosary
The monthly “Praying of the Rosary at Ss. Cyril & Methodius Church” will commence at 6:15 P.M. Brother Knights please participate in this prayer. Currently there are only 5 or 6 who assist in this powerful prayer. We are a witness to the church as praying men.

Clergy Dinner
The Saint Nicholas annual Clergy Appreciation Dinner will be held on July 9th, 2017 in the Fr. Miekus Hall. This event is only open to St. Nicholas Members, their wives or guest, invited clergy, seminarians, Squires and their leaders. The dinner will be catered by the KofC Catering Service under the supervision of Chef Bob Pawlik. If you are able to help with this event please contact Bob Pawlik. The cost for the Dinner will be reasonable. Tickets to be sold in advance. Cost and menu will be published in the June newsletter.

Council Picnic
The picnic is Friday, July 21st (starts at 4:00 p.m.) at Raintree Park in Troy (John R south of 17 Mile Road). Come join our annual gathering, bring your family. Please call or email me with the number of members from your family that will be coming. We need the count by July 14th.

Christmas Dinner
The Christmas Dinner is December 17th, 2017 (Sunday), Sajo’s Restaurant. The dinner menu and price will be discussed and published at the upcoming meetings.

Pancake breakfast at St. Rene. Contact Bob or Jim Pawlik to offer your help.

Pray for those serving in the military and their families.
Joseph Honce III DGK
248.879.8972   email:

MI Report
The MI Checks have been distributed to the Special Ed Programs at the Five local Schools we support. The funds received will help these Special ED programs provide the needed services they are in much need of. Much appreciation was shown by the kids, along with the Special Ed Teachers, Therapist, and Administrators (See PDF for photos)
MI Chairman: Tom Starynchak


On Tuesday evening at Ss Cyril & Methodius Church, Father Ben Kosnac met with leaders from the 75 different sodalities and organizations at Ss Cyril and Methodius Parish. After opening the meeting with a prayer, he thanked all the groups for their dedication and the work they do within their individual ministries. As we enter into a new chapter of our... parish life, he encouraged everyone to continue with the same spirit of cooperation and selflessness that characterizes Ss Cyril and Methodius Parish
Although not at liberty to name any of the priests who are being considered for his replacement, he did
offer some information. The list of names for his replacement is short and will very soon be narrowed
down to one person; that priest will be from Slovakia and Ss Cyril & Methodius will retain its ethnic character; he personally knows his replacement and vouches for his ability to lead our parish, his replacement will continue with the orthodoxy and traditionalism that has filled the hearts and souls of so many here at our parish. Asked what we could do to help in the transition, Father Ben answered “Love your new pastor, support him and help in all ways. Most importantly – give him the same love and friendship that you have given me for nineteen years”
Father Ben said that he will be returning to Bratislava Slovakia where he will meet with the bishop. His new assignment will be announced sometime in the near future. Father Ben said that he has hopes of visiting Ss Cyril & Methodius parish next year during the 2018 parish festival as we celebrate our hundred year anniversary. Tears were shed, and the meeting closed with prayer.

Father Elijah Washington, Brother Knight and Sir Knight, has accepted the position of Chaplain of the Saint Nicholas Council of the Knights of Columbus.
Father Elijah will take over the duties of Father Ben Kosnac,
Father Washington, all of your Brother Knights welcome you and congratulate you!

Jim Jaczkowski  Chancellor

Pullis’ Pro-Life Ponderings-2
Hope everyone appreciates all the good things happening now in the Catholic Church and in the
Pro-Life movement. While pondering the many pro-life positives I came up, with the help of
many news sources, the following summary:
- Michigan’s Senate recently approved a bill allowing motorists a “ Choose Life “ license plate
that would raise funds for certain pro-life programs. If passed by the House and signed by the
Governor, the extra revenues would be used by a nonprofit governed by Right to Life of Michigan
for pro-life activities. Michigan already offers 29 specialty plates for a variety of causes or
-Nationally there are still various proposals to defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest
provider and promoters of abortion.
- 40 Days for Life started its campaign on March 1, 2017 (Ash Wednesday) with vigils in more
than 340 cities in more than 30 countries. There are tons of success stories from this organization’s
campaign, including the conversion of many abortion clinic workers and managers. See for many of these stories.
- Locally our Council 7011 is working on participating in the Knights of Columbus Baby Bottle
Initiative program to raise funds for a pregnancy center which is both pro-life and has Catholic
principles. The local council has to raise, sometimes over multiple years, half of the funds to enable
the center to purchase an ultrasound machine and then the Supreme Council matches the local
council’s funds, thereby providing a free machine to the center. Since 2009, state and local
councils have teamed up with the Supreme Council, funding more than 760 ultrasound machines
for pro-life pregnancy care centers.
Well I could go on and on but I think you see what a tremendous level of pro-life activity is going
on worldwide, in the United States, and locally.
Until the next update, Vivat Jesus, may God bless you and keep you in His care!
Ken Pullis, Right to Life Chairman, Knights of Columbus Council 7011

Knights of Columbus “BENEFITS NEWS”  May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month.
A Founding Notion: Protecting the Breadwinner’s Income
While jobs may be safer in 2017, accidents, injuries, and illnesses that can impact your ability to
work still happen. Most, in fact, do not happen on the jobsite or place of employment. Did you
know that a 2011 study revealed that more than 95 percent of the long term disability claims on
file were not work related?
The Knights have always sought to protect members’ families from the “loss” of a breadwinner.
I’m sure you know all about Father McGivney’s vision for our first, insurance program. But you
may not know that Father McGivney also wanted to find a way to help members who couldn’t
work because of an illness. After all, the “loss” of the breadwinner does not have to mean that person’s death; it can also mean the loss of the breadwinner’s income.
Consider that loss for a moment. How would your family fare if a source of income suddenly stopped? Could a dual income family manage on one income stream? What about young families with a working father and a mother who cares for the children? What if his income halted due to an accident or illness?
I’ve heard some people say they have coverage at work, but too many aren’t sure what this coverage entails, how much income it would provide or for how long. Having this protection counts for something, certainly, but it isn’t “yours”; it’s provided by the company for which you work at their discretion. It could be eliminated tomorrow.
That’s where a personally-owned disability income insurance product, like Income Armor, comes into play. It can offer valuable income replacement in the event of an injury or illness.. If you have a job, you must know about this coverage.
I’d like to meet with you in your home, at your convenience. I’ll work with you to make sure your family is protected.
As a brother Knight you can trust, I’ll take the stress and worry out of the buying decision.
*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.
In Christ,
Anthony Bliss PGK FICF– Knights of Columbus Supreme Council Insurance – Field Agent
750 Pine Ridge Lane, Madison Heights, MI 48071
Cell 248-224-4396  Email