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 Everyone who works with any child MUST take Protecting God's Children for Adults Catechism Monthly Security Schedules and Forms


4th Degree Blessed Virgin Mary Assembly 1839


 Knights of Columbus

St. Nicholas
Sterling Heights Council 7011
   •  41233 Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314 

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We will be holding nominations for officers at the May meetings

and elect the Officers for the 2016 –17 fraternal year at the June meeting. 

Duties of a Officer of our Council

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to your Council and make it better.

(Fill this out)   3rd Degree 2016-17 Nominations of Officers

You may nominate yourself, if you wish.


This Form is ONLY for nominations not for voting

Membership Updates

Knights of Columbus Holy Family Icon is coming to St Rene Goupil Parish   May 11 to the 17th

and to Ss Cyril and Methodius Parish May 17 to May 24th

“The future of the world and of the Church passes through the family,” observed St. John Paul II, whom Pope Francis called “the Pope of the Family.” Recognizing the vital role of families in the world, the Knights of Columbus has dedicated its 17th Orderwide prayer program to the Holy Family, with the intention of strengthening Catholic families and their prayer lives. The featured image for this program is an etching of the Holy Family by Giovanni Balestra
(1774-1842). The original etching, based on a painting by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato  (1609-1685), is housed in the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family in Rome. The images were blessed by Pope Francis on June 29, 2015, the Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul, through the auspices of the Almoner of His Holiness, Archbishop Konrad Krajewski. Under the guidance of the state deputies, these framed images are currently on pilgrimage from council to council throughout each jurisdiction. The inauguration ceremony of the Holy Family Prayer Program was conducted August 4, 2015, at the 133rd Supreme Convention in Philadelphia, a few weeks before that city hosted the 8th World Meeting of Families, held for the first time in the United States. The ceremony was presided over by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Philadelphia. After a procession of state deputies
carrying this Holy Family image, Archbishop Chaput prayed, “Jesus, Mary and Joseph: as we Knights of Columbus carry your image throughout our communities, may your example, with the aid of the Holy Spirit, lead all families who look upon this image of you, to become homes of communion, of prayer
and of love.” These Orderwide, rosary-based programs have brought together more than 17 million participants for some 147,000 prayer services conducted at local councils and parishes.

Please remember in your prayers Brother Dan Looby, Brother Frank Valko, Brother Joe Bieniek, Brother Michael Gray PGK, FN,  Brother Marty Polleni PSD, Lori Gee daughter of PGK Michael Gray, Anna DiDonato wife of Brother Mario DiDonato, Diane Sulikowski wife of Brother Larry Sulikowski, Danette DiLullo, Jennifer Miller, daughter of Brother Ray Jendrowski, Laura Kaluzka wife of Brother Medard Kaluzka PDD, PGK, Kathy Pawlik wife of Brother Bob Pawlik.

The following information relates to our daughter who passed away on April 27th,  at the age of 48. We have scheduled a Memorial Mass at St Jane de Chantel Catholic Church on Friday, May 6th at 11:30am, with a luncheon following ( to be determined ).
The Church address is 38750 Ryan Rd, Sterling Heights, MI. 
In lieu of flowers we are asking that you donate to an Educational Trust Fund for Autumn and Connor Hunt. 2086 Atlas Dr, Troy, MI 48083 or to The Salvation Army of Southeast Michigan, 1627 W Fort Street, Detroit, MI 48216. (This is where Natalie worked).
Natalie Miller Hunt is the daughter of Brother Knight Don Miller. Don was Financial Secretary of St. Nicholas Council for several years.

Also remember in your prayers all the faithful departed who once walked amongst us, May they rest in peace.


May 22, 2016~Corporate Communion 1:30pm at Ss. Cyril and Methodius  Knights of Columbus, Columbian Squires and their families are invited to participate. Please meet in the vestibule prior to Holy Mass to join in the procession. Social gathering in Rooms 114 and 115 after Mass.

May 25 - 28, 2016~State Convention on Mackinaw Island

We have two events coming up for Texas Hold’em. The first is June 26 to the 29 at Mr. B’s in Royal Oak. We have divided the time into two time slots. The first is 5:45 to 10:00 and the second from 9:45 to 1:30.

Can you step forward and fill a slot? We need three people for each shift (a State requirement). Can you spare a few hours?

The second event is the same as above except it is August 28 to 31. We will be asking for help in July for this event. Please consider this event in planning your summer events.

Brothers, I want to thank you for helping out with the Breakfasts at St Rene’s. With your help we have raised enough money to sponsor two seminarians. This could not be done without your help. We are done for the summer and will resume the breakfasts in September.

Thank you, Vivat Jesus,  Jim Pawlik, PGK

Because of death, illness and age, The Ladies Auxiliary was dissolved. The remaining funds were donated to Ss. Cyril and Methodius with the stipulation that it be used to provide financial assistance to a seminarian in need. If there is interest among new member spouses the Ladies Auxiliary could be started up again. If you are interested in restarting the Ladies Auxiliary please contact the Grand Knight

Please Help US to update our records. Please fill out this form and submit it.

Council Meetings
Our Council meeting is at St. Cyril, the first Thursday of the month will be after the 7:00 PM Mass, we will lead the Rosary before Mass, at 6:30 try to arrive in time to help lead the Rosary and stay for Mass.

Note! Meetings at St. Cyril's will be held after the 6:30pm  Rosary and 7:00pm Mass.

Last Thursday of each month Officers Meeting.

Grand Knight

Dear Brother Knights and Family members,

Vivat Jesus!

I am writing this article addressed to the general membership of Council 7011. As of today we have just over 180 registered Knights in our council. Only a solid 18 men (10%) keep this council active by being involved in the many charitable works we do. An additional few generous members help out where they can. Another 40% of the council Knights cannot participate due to age, illness, or logistics (out of state) issues. That leaves roughly 50% (90 members) who are eligible to participate but for various valid reasons, or in some cases (I’m sorry to say) excuses, do not participate, even once a year in any of the charitable activities.

We are looking for one person out of that 90 to step up to the plate and help us. We are in need of one Knight volunteer to coordinate the catechism parking in the fall for St. Cyril and Methodius Church. This does not require a large amount of your time. Also, you need not be a parishioner, you are helping children and ensuring their safety in this task. Catechism parking requires 4 Knights present in the parking lot directing the parents dropping off their children and ensuring the child’s safety. The Knights have to be there only for a scheduled catechism class from 5:45pm to 7:45pm on Wednesday. During the catechism season (Sept to May) there are several weeks that there are no catechism classes due to holidays or events.

The Coordinator’s sole responsibility is to make sure 1) that there are 4 Knights in the parking lot every catechism week. 2) Attend the K of C business meeting, when needed, to request more volunteers. Several dedicated Knights always show up each week or every other week without being asked. The coordinator will 3) pre-determine the schedule with these men and write them into the slots. Still there are times when the Coordinator needs to 4) fill vacant volunteer slots by contacting other Knights ahead of time via email or phone call (contact list provided). Once all the slots are pre-determined and filled for the catechism season your work is done. Finally, the Coordinator must 5) attend or have attended in the past a three hour class called “Protecting God’s Children” (see schedule below). This is a requirement by the Archdiocese for anyone who works directly or indirectly with children. There is no charge for this class and transportation will be provided if needed. This is an important and worthwhile certification for any Knight to have.

If you feel you are being called to express your faith in a more tangible way and desire to be a more active Knight participating in your Catholic faith, please contact myself at or Rick Yamin Sr., the past parking coordinator at The parents and children appreciate this service!

Jim Wisniewski Grand-Knight

Deputy Grand Knight

Brother Knights,

St. Nicholas 7011 Council; Will take this time to Thank you for becoming a Brother Knight and joining our Council. We are not only a fraternal group, we are a family based Catholic organization. We offer you and your family member’s opportunities to exercise your faith and respond to Jesus’ call. From feeding the poor in soup kitchens, helping the mentally impaired, to supporting those who are in grief over the loss of their loved one, by our rosary ministry at funeral homes, these are but a few of the ways that we respond to Jesus’ call to help our neighbor.”

Please consider rearranging your family plans to come together united with Christ to attend St. Nicholas’s opportunities by attending Holy Mass during our scheduled Corporate Communion Masses. Soup Kitchen opportunities, and other events that can bring our families together to help perform God’s work here on earth.

St. Nicholas 7011 Council Apparel Orders are ready for your pickup. Please pick them up at St Cyril's office. I want to Personally Thank our Worthy Grand Knight, Jim Wisniewski, for picking up our apparel orders from E. A. Graphics. Please pick up your order and try them on, look them over and let me know – ASAP- if you have questions. We need To inform E. A. Graphics ASAP if you have an issue.

Questions Contact Brother Knight Bob Bogedin 248-225-4614 or

Remember: Fr. Ben / Pastor of S.s. C + M who has offered our Council so much i.e. never charges Fr. Ben has requested that we’d offer only about 3 hours of our time on Wednesday evening, to assist watching the parking lots while the children are dropped off and then you take about an hour break, then return to watch the parking lots as the children are picked up. This starts at about 6 PM till ~ 7:45 PM Please consider assisting on this date May 4, 2needed Contact: Brother Rick Yamin Sr. (



Brother Knights, remain vigilant, continue to be aware of those men you meet, which one could be a candidate to become a Brother Knight. Get their names – phone numbers and or e-mails, so contact can be maintained.

Brother Knight, Bob Bogedin, Worthy Deputy Grand Knight


Welcome to 2016. Please help us keep our records current. Please email or mail any changes in your life that require us to update our records. Most importantly, provide your current active email address for savings and quicker contact. Remember, that joining us at two or more meeting in 2016, the additional assessment will be waived, if you don’t have an email address or don’t provide it for send our newsletter.

As always, any help with Take 5 program for $5.00 and $12.00 for the Fr. McGiveney Chair at Sacred Heart Seminary is welcome. Both of which are voluntary.

I hope to see you this year at one of our monthly meetings or charity events.

Joseph White PGK Financial Secretary



Knights of Columbus St Nicholas Council

Saint Cyril & Methodius Parish

Chaplain / Chancellor Meeting

Father Ben Kosnac & Jim Jaczkowski

1. Knights of Columbus Tanzanian Effort

- Plans are in the works to build the St Joseph Health Clinic in Kahama Diocese, Tanzania.

The clinic will support the health needs of the people in the Kahama district. Financial aid is being sought.

- A missionary priest from Bishop’s Minde’s Diocese will visit our Archdiocese this year. Ss Cyril and

Methodius will be one of the parishes that he will visit. It will most probably possibly Father John Lujula.

Father John is a brother knight and is contemplating a transfer to our council.

- Father Ben will be visiting Tanzania in April 2016.

- Father Joseph Sekere, a brother knight, a member of our council sends his blessings from Ushirombo Tanzania.

- Plans are being made for a 2017 Missionary Trip to Tanzania. Knights of Columbus are invited to join.

- Father Nicetas Msinge, a brother knight, sends his blessings and greeting to our council from Lowerere,

Tanzania He is also contemplating a transfer to our council.

- Audax Ndalawa, a seminarian in the Kahama Diocese, sends his blessings and greetings to our council.

He requests membership in the Knights of Columbus and has submitted his form 100

2. 2016 Clergy Appreciation Dinner (Canceled)

No dinner this year, will hold this event next year

Seminarians: (Need to support seminarians with or without the dinner)

$500 to Charles Giroux

$500 to John Fuller (tentative new seminarian)

$500 Kahama Diocese, Tanzania Seminarians?

3. (Father) Deacon Timothy Wezner first Holy Mass (Confirmed)

Sunday, May 15, 2016 – 10:00 am Holy Mass

Deacon Wezner is a council brother and a seminarian that we have supported

Father Ben has asked for Color Corp participation. The request has been submitted and approved.

4. Corporate Communions 2016 (Confirmed)

Ss Cyril & Methodius – Sunday, May 22, 2016, 1:30 pm

Knights and families participation at Holy Mass: Procession & Recession, Banners, Readings, Announcement.

Color Corp request has been submitted and approved.

5. Knights of Columbus State Convention

May 26, 27, 28 – Mackinaw Island, Father Ben has been invited to attend, he asks to be contacted March 1 for his answer

6 Corpus Christi Sunday (Confirmed)

Sunday, May 29, 2016 – 10:00 am Holy Mass

Father Ben asks for Color Corps participation - Color Corps request has been submitted and approved.

7. Men of The Scared Heart Seminar (Confirmed)

Friday, June 3, 2016 – 7:00 pm Holy Mass

Father Ben and the men of the Scared Heart ask for Color Corps participation

Color Corps request has been submitted and approved

8. Catholic Spirit of Columbus to counter Anti-Columbus Sentiment (Confirmed)

Sunday October 9, 2016 – 9:30 am Holy Mass

Fellowship and Refreshments after Holy Mass sponsored by Ss Cyril & Methodius Fellowship Ministry

Confirmed by: Mary Richards (586-323-4037)

Short film, Color Corps, Blessing of swords, Columbus fliers, Short talk after Holy Mass

Color Corps request has been submitted and approved

9. Corporate Communions 2016 (Confirmed)

Ss Rene Goupil– Sunday, September 25, 2016, 10:30 am (Marilyn May notified – Jim Pawlik please confirm)

Knights & families participation at Holy Mass: Procession & Recession, Banners, Readings, Announcement.

Color Corp request has been submitted and approved.

10. Ministry Fair No date scheduled yet - Register for participation by Council / Assembly and Circle

11. Major Degree

Need to plan and schedule this event (2) weeks after the Fall Ministry Fair

Need to reserve a Saturday morning date, the South Father Mikus Room and (2) Classrooms

12. Report on the Winter Business Meeting with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Jim Jaczkowski, Chancellor representing Jim Wisniewski, Grand Knight (Richmond Michigan – Sunday, January 31, 2015)

- Councils are urged to move from building based councils to parish based councils.

- Councils are urged to work with parish priests on identifying areas where support can best be focused

- Councils are urged to focus on supporting existing parish activities instead of developing new Council programs

- Councils that have sold their building should make plans as what to do with their funds. If there are no plans to purchase

another building, plans should be discussed as to dissolve the Building Corp and turn the funds over to the Council.

- Supreme will charter no new Squires Circles, though existing circles will continue to be supported

- Councils are urged to incorporate their Columbian Squires circles and their functions into parish youth activities.

Council Funds Report out each meeting -how much money is used, to date, to support each of the four Council "pillars"

1.) Service to the poor (widows and orphans) 2.) Support of priests and seminarians,

3.) Support of Right to Life issues, 4.) Support of Mentally Impaired

Jim Jaczkowski - Knights of Columbus

Chancellor - St Nickolas Council #7011

Lt Commander Color Corp - Blessed Virgin Mary Assembly #1839

Counsellor – St Tarcisius Circle # 5775, Columbian Squires

Membership Report

New Year , same challenges , Ask a Catholic Gentleman to join the order Each year we are given Goals to reach as a council. This year, those goals are 12 new Members , as of this Date we have diminished that number by two. I have application forms from three Candidates and one transfer. So God willing , we will get these gentleman through their Degree's, and add them to our roster.

Our Goals are attainable, with the help of our Membership.  Ask a Catholic Gentleman to join our Order.

Tom Starynchak

Membership Director, St Nicholas Council #7011

MI Director

Tom Starynchak  MI Chairman  St Nicholas Council 7011

Knights of Columbus “BENEFITS NEWS” 

May is Disability Insurance Awareness Month. 

A Founding Notion: Protecting the Breadwinner’s Income

While jobs may be safer in 2016, accidents, injuries, and illnesses that can impact your ability to work still happen. Most, in fact, do not happen on the jobsite or place of employment. Did you know that a 2011 study revealed that more than 95 percent of the long-term disability claims on file were not work related?  

The Knights have always sought to protect members’ families from the “loss” of a breadwinner. I’m sure you know all about Father McGivney’s vision for our first, insurance program. But you may not know that Father McGivney also wanted to find a way to help members who couldn’t work because of an illness. After all, the “loss” of the breadwinner does not have to mean that person’s death; it can also mean the loss of the breadwinner’s income.

Consider that loss for a moment. How would your family fare if a source of income suddenly stopped? Could a dual-income family manage on one income stream? What about young families with a working father and a mother who cares for the children? What if his income halted due to an accident or illness?  

I’ve heard some people say they have coverage at work, but too many aren’t sure what this coverage entails, how much income it would provide or for how long. Having this protection counts for something, certainly, but it isn’t “yours”; it’s provided by the company for which you work at their discretion. It could be eliminated tomorrow.  

That’s where a personally-owned disability income insurance product, like Income Armor, comes into play. It can offer valuable income replacement in the event of an injury or illness.. If you have a job, you must know about this coverage.  

I’d like to meet with you in your home, at your convenience.  I’ll work with you to make sure your family is protected.  As a brother Knight you can trust, I’ll take the stress and worry out of the buying decision.

Contact me today to learn more about our products.

*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.


In Christ,

Anthony Bliss

Knights of Columbus Field Agent, 750 Pine Ridge Lane, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Cell   248-224-4396 , FAX  586-591-6500  Email

Career Opportunity:

The Knights of Columbus is seeking a Field Agent for a career opportunity representing their insurance program.

They offer a complete benefits package with this full-time position. In order to qualify, one must be eligible for membership in the Knights of Columbus. For more information, please contact, Don M. Wesley FICF, General Agent, at 888-393-7539, or


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