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Membership Updates


Corporate Communion

Saturday, January 24, 2015           4:00 pm Holy Mass          Corporate Communion -  St Rene Church

Sunday, May 17, 2015                    9:30 am Holy Mass          Corporate Communion -  Ss Cyril & Methodius Church

Sunday, August 16, 2015               1:30 pm Holy Mass         Corporate Communion -  Ss Cyril & Methodius Church

COLUMBIAN SQUIRES Sponsored by Saint Nicholas Council #7011 will be at Saint Cyril & Methodius Catholic Church

INVESTITURE CEREMONY of NEW SQUIRES, Saturday - February 7, 2015. Investiture Ceremony at 2:00 pm. Holy Mass at 4:00 pm

Please Help US to update our records. Please fill out this form and submit it.

Council Meetings
Our Council meeting is at St. Cyril, the first Thursday of the month will be after the 7:00 PM Mass, we will lead the Rosary before Mass, at 6:30 try to arrive in time to help lead the Rosary and stay for Mass.
NEXT MEETING IS February 5th


Anyone that thinks they have a good chili recipe is asked to bring a crack pot full of their chili to St Rene’s on February 28, 2015 be-fore the 4:00 PM Mass. They can drop it off in the social hall. We are giving awards for the following categories:

1. The best tasting chili!

2. The most unusual chili!

3. The hottest chili!

When you drop your chili off for judging please let us know what categories you want to be put in. if you think you have the hottest chili please advise us so we can warn the people before they taste it. For unusual it can be made from wild game such as bear, buffalo, deer, etc., but you have to tell us what makes it unusual.

The way the contest will be judged is by the parishioners of St. Rene. After 4:00PM mass they may come and be a judge by buying 3 tickets for $3.00/person. The tickets will be different colors. They will have one vote in each category. They samples of the chili will be served by the Youth Ministry Group. You will be given a small sample of each chili for judging. Once you have determined you choices you can place the tickets in the appropriate voting container by the chili you select. Once everyone has had a chance to taste and vote, the votes will be counted and the awards will be presented.

We will be offering Hot Dogs ($1/ea.), Coney Dogs ($1.25/ea.), French Fries ($1/serving) and pop (&1/ea.) for sale. The profits from this will go to the M.I.Program.

So if you have a favorite Chili Recipe please make some for us. If you do not want to cook then please be a judge. It will be a fun evening. Everyone is welcome.

I will be entering the Chili Cook Off


Please drop this form off in the office or give it to an usher. Thank you



Note! Meetings at St. Cyril's will be held after the 6:30pm Rosary and 7:00pm Mass.

Every Monday is Senior Corner at Sunnybrook11:00 till 3:00

Grand Knight

Vivat Jesus

Happy New Year Brothers,

Vivat Jesus

As we start a new year I would like to start a new system of picking out Knight of the Month and Knight of the year. During the year we do many projects to help the church, the poor, the needy, and the suffering people. If you help us on these tasks you will earn a point on the reward system. If you and your wife or kids help you will get a point for each person helping on the project. This will help the Grand Knight choose who to give the Knight of the Month to and eventually the Knight of the year and Family of the year.

We have many projects that need your help. Breakfasts at St Rene’s is always in need of help and these are done on the second Sunday of the Month, except in summer. We have a Chili Cook Off on Feb 28, 2015 in conjunction with the Men’s Club of St Rene. We will run the kitchen and they will run the event.

We have the MI drive at on Palm Sunday March 29, 2015 we need help to raise money by distributing Tootsie Rolls at both Churches on Saturday and Sunday Masses. This is the main event for the MI Drive. Your help is needed.

We will need help to do the Polish Dinner on January 24. This event is also tied in to a Corporate Communion for the 4:00 PM Mass at St. Rene’s. Helping with the dinner will get you a Point and going to the Corporate Communion will get you a blessing from the Lord. The Polish dinner will be a fun event for everyone. Please mark your calendars and get your ticket early for this event.

The Grand Knight will keep the "scorecard" on the participation for the Council. It will be kept private and I hope everyone participates so they can earn points. It was suggested that the points go towards reducing the cost of our annual Christmas Party, which the next Grand Knight can do in the fall. I will pass the record keeping over to him.

Our Christmas Party was a fun event. The food was good and the comorodery was excellent. If you missed it next year will be here soon enough and you can join us then.

Texas-Hold’ems are also on the list for tasks. We have two of them coming up in the spring and St. Rene’s Men’s Club has two events also that they may need our help. This is the big events that raises money so we can do the other works for our Council. Four hours of your time is not much to ask for and those events should be larger than the one we just did. He is advertising more to get more people to come. This will also earn you points.

Catechism Wednesdays need you help to direct traffic at the activity center and church parking lots. This will also earn you points. If you can help contact Rick Yamin. If we can a few extra men out there to help then we could do it in shifts so that when it gets cold the three people presently would not have to stand outside for a long time but in shifts to warm up. Father Ben asked us to do this task and we will not let him down.

We also need a Program Chairman for the council. If you can help us think about running the Program Chairman and help us keep track of all the events we have planned.

We have also reached our quota for new members for the year and we have come in first place for the ‘horserace’ that the state was running for the November December time period. We have twenty new members thanks to the hard work of Tom Starynchak.

Brothers think about what events you can help us with. The more help we get the less work it will make for all.

Vivat Jesus

Jim Pawlik, Grand Knight

Deputy Grand Knight

Jim Wisniewski

Deputy Grand Knight

SQUIRES   What the Squires is about

Brother Knights...it is my pleasure to have become a 1st Degree Knight on Tuesday, November 11, 2014! For those of you who do not know me, I have been, under the direction of Fr. Ben, the Altar Boy Captain for the past 7~8 years. Since mid September I have been working closely with Fr. Ben and Jim Jaczkowski in forming a Columbian Squires Circle within the St. Nicholas Council here at Saints Cyril & Methodius.

On October 25 Fr. Ben and I held an invitation only meeting with 15 altar boys as prospective Squires. The boys came dressed in "nice" jeans and button up shirts. We enjoyed a pizza dinner and watched a movie. Together, we explored the Knights of Columbus website and conducted the meeting in an open Q&A format.

We have seen a strong interest from them , resulting in 20 altar boys filling out Squires Application Form 280 at yesterday's November 22 meeting. This meeting was organized and led by Jim Pawlik, Jim Jaczkowski, Tom Starynchak, Bill Corey (Michigan State Squires Representative), Fr. Ben, and myself. I have been appointed as Chief Counselor and Advancement Counselors will be assigned soon. We have selected Tommy Fournier as temporary Squires Chief and Angelo Stegner as temporary Membership Chairman. Tommy and Angelo rank among our finest Black Cassock Altar Boys with their knowledge and leadership skills.

For this Friday, November 28, Tommy will call for a meeting from 6pm-7pm for the purpose of creating a name for their Squires Circle, Electing Officers, and to establish a dress code for meetings, outings, and formal events.

We hope to be Chartered January, 2015 with an Investiture Ceremony to follow!

God Bless you, Jeff Gura, Chief Counselor


Its that time of year again and I will be collecting dues at the December meeting.

$35.00 Dues for Regular members.

$14.50 Dues for Honorary members.

There is the usual Take 5 program for $5.00 and $12.00 for the Fr. McGiveney Chair at Sacred Heart Seminary. Both of which are voluntary.

Please if you are having problems paying your dues contact the Grand Knight so you are not suspended for nonpayment of dues.

Dues notices will be sent by email to those with email and USPS mail to those who don’t.

Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Michael Gray PGK

Financial Secretary

Membership Report

Our Membership Goals for the year of Eleven New Members has been met, Hooray for us and the Council. This could not have happen without the efforts of our Membership, so pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Remember asking a Catholic to join the Order is all I ask, we have to continue to replace ourselves to assure that the Council flourishes. For us to continue the work we do ,we need Catholic Gentleman ,because each new Member allows us to make a difference, so make that difference, and ask someone to join.

Tom Starynchak

Membership Director

St Nicholas Council #7011


Once again we make a difference. On November 13, 2014 we distributed checks to six Special Ed Programs within our Sterling Heights Community.

Six Thousand Dollars was given out in support of these programs. Each year we raise money to support these programs through the sale of Tootsie Rolls on Palm Sunday Weekend , to Texas Holdems and monthly dinners.

The money helps the Mentally Impaired within Sterling Heights. Charity is the First principal of the order, and it is what it's all about. Let us continue to make a difference within our Council, Church and Community ,as far as I'm concern this is Gods way ,and our duty.

Tom Starynchak

MI Chairman St Nicholas Council #7011


Program Director (needed)

We are still in need of Men to fill other nonelected positions. If you are interested or want to know what the position requires of you call the Grand Knight and he will explain it to you.

Jim Pawlik  586-268-2849


The Senior Corner meets at Sunnybrook on Mondays at 11:00 in the banquet center.

For more information on trips and other events, come to our meetings, eat lunch with us and visit awhile.

Announcements: See the Activities Page for more information

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