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4th Degree Blessed Virgin Mary Assembly 1839


 Knights of Columbus

St. Nicholas
Sterling Heights Council 7011
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Membership Updates

Note! Meetings at St. Cyril's will be held after the 6:30pm Rosary and 7:00pm Mass.

Every Monday is Senior Corner at Sunnybrook11:00 till 3:00

Corporate Communion

Schedule of Corporate Communions for 2015 

August 2, 2015~District Corporate Communion Mass at St. Blasé 11:00am Mass after Mass Officer Installation

August 16, 2015~Corporate Communion 1:30pm Mass at Ss. Cyril & Methodius

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Council Meetings
Our Council meeting is at St. Cyril, the first Thursday of the month will be after the 7:00 PM Mass, we will lead the Rosary before Mass, at 6:30 try to arrive in time to help lead the Rosary and stay for Mass.

Grand Knight

Dear Brother Knights,


Thank you for your vote of confidence in electing me Grand Knight. My personal kudos to Past Grand Knight Jim Pawlik, fellow officers and participating members for leading us to a Two Star Council position.

While we are established with strength in certain areas of our council's viability, it goes without saying that we must bring into the fold of active/participating members many of the younger men and families who have joined over the past few years. This is essential for our council's near term success in continuing with the many programs and ministries that we have supported in the past.

We will also need to capitalize and focus on our fundraising events to build up our pool of funds to a level where we can fund the programs in the way we are used to doing. This may take a little while, unless we are successful with some upcoming charity poker sessions. For the near future, charity need not be expensive (widow's mite). There are ways we can frugally exercise charitable events with less money for the time being. Also, our personal volunteer time, especially to the sick and needy, is in itself a currency.

Let me close with a meditation by St. John Paul II. Here he shows that our council's work and activities must flow from our dependence upon and spending time with the living Eucharistic Christ. " Eucharist Adoration is not hours spent in idleness when we isolate ourselves from our work but these are moments, hours, when we undertake something that activates the deepest meaning of all our work. For no matter how numerous our activities, or ministries, if there is no love, everything becomes meaningless. When we devote our time to ponder the mystery of love (Jesus in the Eucharist) to allow Him to radiate in our hearts, we are preparing ourselves in the best possible way for any kind of service, for any activity, for any charitable work."

Jim Wisniewski, Grand Knight


Brother Knights

I want to take this chance to thank all of those who helped on all the projects we did for the past two years. thank you!!!

Without your help we would have never made double star council this year. The state knows who we are and what we do. It is a great feeling meeting these people on mackinaw and being proud of what we accomplished. again thank you!!

We have also lost a lot of great brothers in the past years. It is with a sad heart that we must now pray for Deacon Jim Gery, and SK Leo Backus. some of you might not recognize the name Leo Backus but you would recognize him as one of the staff that helped put the cerimonials on for the third degree. may they rest in peace with the Lord.

We are going to start up the breakfasts at St Rene’s in September until then have a safe and peaceful summer!!

Vivat Jesus

Jim Pawlik, PGK

Deputy Grand Knight

Brother Knights,

I want to thank you for nominating and electing me to the Office of Deputy Grand Knight.

I will try my best to fulfill the duties of this Office.

Please know, I’m active with Ss. Cyril & Methodius. I’m an usher, Men’s Club member and I’m active with the K of C St. Nicholas 7011 and the BVM 1839 Assembly.

I attempt to help in any way that I’m able. I realize the importance of people coming together and working as a unit, helping to achieve their goal. I understand the importance of fund raising, and making money to help support your organization and to aid others.

Allow me to borrow from our former Deputy Grand Knight, Jim Wisniewski, work and to continue the quest. “In this upcoming “Jubilee Year of Mercy” announced by Pope Francis, please consider becoming more actively involved in your K of C council. We are not only a fraternal group, we are a family based Catholic organization. We offer you and your family member’s opportunities to exercise your faith and respond to Jesus’ call. From feeding the poor in soup kitchens, helping the mentally impaired, to supporting those who are in grief over the loss of their loved one, by our rosary ministry at funeral homes, these are but a few of the ways that we respond to Jesus’ call to help our neighbor.”

Please consider rearranging your family plans to come together united with Christ to attend St. Nicholas’s opportunities by attending Holy Mass during our scheduled Corporate Communion Masses. Soup Kitchen opportunities, and other events that can bring our families together to help perform God’s work here on earth.

Our next scheduled Corporate Communion for 2015;

Sunday, August 16, 2015 1:30 pm Holy Mass Ss Cyril & Methodius Church

July 24 @ 5PM - Annual St. Nicholas 7011 Council Picnic – Raintree Park –Pavilion: Just a reminder, this year’s Annual St. Nicholas Picnic will be at Troy’s Raintree Park Pavilion. New for this year, we will be allowed to bring beer in cans.

Please bring a dish to pass for about 20 persons.

Fr. Ben – Pastor of Ss. C + M, has allowed me to use their Kitchen’s food grade ice to use for our picnic. 2 large cooler full

Also, anyone that has a stamp that we can use to stamp our hands at this year picnic, Stamped hands requested per City. Hours 4PM – 10 PM Require an exact count. If you’re planning on coming,

Please contact Brother Knight, Bob Bogedin – cell # 248.225.4614 or 

Deputy Grand Knight

For every $5 donation two blankets and two bibles are given to Homeless."


Membership Report

The challenges of Membership continue into the new Administrative year. This is the same mission we have had in previous years , and each year the message is the same; ask a Catholic Gentleman to join the orderand help increase are Councils ability to make a difference within our Council , our Church and our Community. Our memberships job is easy, just participate in the process, be active, and be involved. If you say you are a member of the Knights of Columbus, then walk the walk, and talk the talk, being complacent becomes the problem, being involved is the solution. The Knights of Columbus ask us to give them at least 24hrs of our time in a given year, any more than that becomes your decision. Hopefully the more active and involved you are , you will want to contribute more of your time to success of our Council. AGAIN WALK THE WALK AND TALK THE TALK.

Tom Starynchak

Membership Director

St Nicholas Council #7011


Knights of Columbus “BENEFITS NEWS” 

Only having “through work” Insurance doesn’t work

Do you know anyone whose life or career has drastically changed during these years of economic downturn? It’s very likely that someone in your immediate or extended family or group of friends is facing financial uncertainty. Maybe there’s a possibility that you (or your spouse) could lose your job or change employers.

Too many people have often relied on group term life insurance as their only safety net. Often, this insurance is an employee benefit provided at low or no cost. The existence of this coverage might convince someone that personally-owned life insurance is not necessary.

But only having “through work” insurance can leave you and your family vulnerable. Most group life insurance policies are limited in amount, which may be tied to salary or some other benchmark. These numbers are often capped, and this cap may be dangerously low when compared to your family’s actual needs. In fact, a detailed needs analysis that evaluates your specific situation, will likely show that any employer-provided coverage falls short.

In addition, the amount of group insurance offered is almost always reduced, sometimes dramatically, when you retire. You could one day find yourself without coverage, and if your health has changed (which it will as you age), you might also find yourself unable to secure individual protection. At the very least, it will definitely be more expensive.

While group life insurance can help, it does not replace the need for individually owned life insurance. I’ll be happy to meet with you and provide a no-cost needs analysis, so you’ll know exactly where you stand.

*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.



In Christ,

Anthony Bliss

Knights of Columbus Field Agent, 750 Pine Ridge Lane, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Cell   248-224-4396 , FAX  586-591-6500  Email

Program Director (needed)

We are still in need of Men to fill other nonelected positions. If you are interested or want to know what the position requires of you call the Grand Knight and he will explain it to you.


The Senior Corner meets at Sunnybrook on Mondays at 11:00 in the banquet center.

For more information on trips and other events, come to our meetings, eat lunch with us and visit awhile.

Announcements: See the Activities Page for more information

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