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 Everyone who works with any child MUST take Protecting God's Children for Adults Catechism Monthly Security Schedules and Forms


4th Degree Blessed Virgin Mary Assembly 1839


 Knights of Columbus

St. Nicholas
Sterling Heights Council 7011
   •  41233 Ryan Road, Sterling Heights, Michigan 48314 

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KNIGHT OF THE DAY GOES TO BOB PAWLIK FOR BEING MR. ST PATRICK. With out Bob's (ALONE) effort of buying, cooking, and preparing the St Patrick Dinner. WE WOULD NOT HAVE HAD ONE

He had no help till 4pm except for 2 knights who shown up on their own

We will be holding nominations for officers at the April & May meetings

and elect the Officers for the 2016 –17 fraternal year at the June meeting. 

Duties of a Officer of our Council

This is an opportunity for you to contribute to your Council and make it better.

(Fill this out)   3rd Degree 2016-17 Nominations of Officers

You may nominate yourself, if you wish.


This Form is ONLY for nominations not for voting

Membership Updates

Greetings Brother Knights, We are going to be winding down the Catechism program over the next 3 months --March, April and May. The following are the slots that still need to be filled by volunteers:  May 4, 2 needed Please let myself or Rick Yamin Sr. ( know what dates you can help with. Remember, Your sacrifice of time (WED 5:45pm to 7:30pm) is aiding in the safety of the children going to and from class. Your help will be appreciated! NEW VOLUNTEERS desiring to help out are required by the Archdiocese to fill out the (attached) background form. Print it out, then fill out form (takes 2 minutes) then by mail or person give it to Sandi at St Cyril and Methodius Parish Office. The second step to be-come a legal volunteer working in any way with children is to take the ongoing 3hr "Protecting God's Children" class. These classes are provided at multiple times and church locations in your area. You can access these classes by going to the Archdiocese of Detroit web site and clicking on "Protecting God's Children". I posted a recent schedule of classes (see attachment). THIS IS A ONE TIME REQUIREMENT and lasts for life. Guys, please step up, especially younger Knights and fathers, it is a sacrifice but it is for the children.


Please remember in your prayers Brother Dan Looby, Brother Frank Valko, Brother Joe Bieniek, Brother Michael Gray PGK, FN,  Brother Marty Polleni PSD, Lori Gee daughter of PGK Michael Gray, Anna DiDonato wife of Brother Mario DiDonato, Diane Sulikowski wife of Brother Larry Sulikowski, Danette DiLullo, Jennifer Miller, daughter of Brother Ray Jendrowski, Laura Kaluzka wife of Brother Medard Kaluzka PDD, PGK, Kathy Pawlik wife of Brother Bob Pawlik.

Also remember in your prayers all the faithful departed who once walked amongst us, May they rest in peace.


April 7,2016~8:00pm Business Meeting

April 10, 2016~Pancake Breakfast 7:00 - 1:00

April 21, 2016~ Officers Meeting 7:00PM

May 22, 2016~Corporate Communion 1:30pm at Ss. Cyril and Methodius

May 25 - 28, 2016~State Convention on Mackinaw Island

Please Help US to update our records. Please fill out this form and submit it.

Council Meetings
Our Council meeting is at St. Cyril, the first Thursday of the month will be after the 7:00 PM Mass, we will lead the Rosary before Mass, at 6:30 try to arrive in time to help lead the Rosary and stay for Mass.

Note! Meetings at St. Cyril's will be held after the 6:30pm  Rosary and 7:00pm Mass.

Last Thursday of each month Officers Meeting.

Grand Knight

Dear Brother Knights and Family members,

Vivat Jesus!

At the end of each of our Knight's business meetings, there is a several minute protocol to pray for all of the living and deceased members of our Knight's family. I've noticed over the last several months that many of our members are asking prayers for their loved ones who are dealing with serious illnesses. I empathize, since my own family also has been affected .

As a Lenten meditation I include the following observation from Jason Evert's book on St. John Paul ll. It concerns his total dependence and love for the Eucharist and how he applied this to the many prayer requests he received.

"Between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m. — and sometimes as early as 4:00 — Pope John Paul II would arise each morning, keeping virtually the same schedule he had as the bishop of Kraków. He prayed the Rosary prostrate on the floor or kneeling, followed by his personal prayers, and would then go to the chapel in order to prepare for 7:30 Mass.

At the chapel, he would kneel before the BLESSED SACRAMENT . The top of his wooden kneeler could be opened, and it was brimming with notes people had given to him, seeking his prayers for all kinds of petitions, including healings, the con-version of family members, or successful pregnancies. Perhaps thirty to forty new petitions were given to him each day, and he would pray specifically over every one. He said that they were kept there and were always present "in my consciousness, even if they cannot be literally repeated every day."

He told one of his biographers, "There was a time when I thought that one had to limit the 'prayer of petition.' That time has passed. The further I advance along the road mapped out for me by Providence, the more I feel the need to have re-course to this kind of prayer." Quite often, those who sent the petitions wrote back in thanksgiving for answered prayers. Not only did he intercede before the TABERNACLE for these individuals as if they were his most intimate friends, he routinely sought information about the progress of the cases."

Somewhere near each of our homes there is an open chapel and in that chapel there is a TABERNACLE with SOMEONE waiting for us. "Come to me, all you who labor and are burdened,* and I will give you rest." Matt. 11-28. see (  for chapel locations)

Jim Wisniewski Grand Knight

A letter from the Grand Knight

Dear Brother Knights,                                                                                

Since May nominations are soon approaching I have informed many of you, who have recently asked me, that I will not be accepting a second year nomination as Grand Knight or any other officer positions at this time. 

There are several important situations that Barb and I have been putting off that need to be addressed in the following year. After much discussion, Barb and I decided it best that we take a year sabbatical to address these issues and also catch up on some well needed vacation time that we have been putting off for several years. 

My time serving the last three years as an officer for the Knights has been rewarding and I must admit sometimes demanding, given that my time is also committed to serving in a Lay Missionary of Charity tertiary group in Detroit and a food ministry program  for the inner city poor. I view all this with a grateful sense of being given the opportunity to serve my Church with a group of faithful Catholic men, the Knights of Columbus. I personally thank each and every one of you who made my job the last year as Grand Knight easier; this also applies to Fr. Ben and Fr. Steve and especially for the hands on help that I continually received from the parish staff (Sandi, Alexandra, Carol, Rudy, Bob and Tibor) at St. Cyril and Methodius Church and (Marilyn) at St. Rene Church. 

I will continue to support Knight events with the availability of time that I have and will give full support to the next Grand Knight in order to make the transition easier. 

We have established four pillars of ministry that St. Nicholas Council 7011 has adopted as their focus under the guidance of the Magisterium of the Church and the Bi-Laws of the Knights of Columbus. My hope and prayer is that our new officers will continue in this direction. The defining of the “Pillars” seems to work well and gives some order to the Council's sometimes heavy events schedule. 

May our Lord continue to bless this Council, their members and spouses, both living and deceased. 

Vivat Jesus!

Jim Wisniewski,   Grand Knight

Deputy Grand Knight

Brother Knights,

"In this upcoming "Jubilee Year of Mercy" announced by Pope Francis", please consider becoming more actively involved in your K of C council. We are not only a fraternal group, we are a family based Catholic organization. We offer you and your family member’s opportunities to exercise your faith and respond to Jesus’ call. From feeding the poor in soup kitchens, helping the mentally impaired, to supporting those who are in grief over the loss of their loved one, by our rosary ministry at funeral homes, these are but a few of the ways that we respond to Jesus’ call to help our neighbor."

Please consider rearranging your family plans to come together united with Christ to attend St. Nicholas’s opportunities by attending Holy Mass during our scheduled Corporate Communion Masses. Soup Kitchen opportunities, and other events that can bring our families together to help perform God’s work here on earth.

Bob Bogedin


Welcome to 2016. Please help us keep our records current. Please email or mail any changes in your life that require us to update our records. Most importantly, provide your current active email address for savings and quicker contact. Remember, that joining us at two or more meeting in 2016, the additional assessment will be waived, if you don’t have an email address or don’t provide it for send our newsletter.

As always, any help with Take 5 program for $5.00 and $12.00 for the Fr. McGiveney Chair at Sacred Heart Seminary is welcome. Both of which are voluntary.

I hope to see you this year at one of our monthly meetings or charity events.

Joseph White PGK Financial Secretary



Knights of Columbus St Nicholas Council

Saint Cyril & Methodius Parish

Chaplain / Chancellor Meeting

Father Ben Kosnac & Jim Jaczkowski

1. Knights of Columbus Tanzanian Effort

- Plans are in the works to build the St Joseph Health Clinic in Kahama Diocese, Tanzania.

The clinic will support the health needs of the people in the Kahama district. Financial aid is being sought.

- A missionary priest from Bishop’s Minde’s Diocese will visit our Archdiocese this year. Ss Cyril and

Methodius will be one of the parishes that he will visit. It will most probably possibly Father John Lujula.

Father John is a brother knight and is contemplating a transfer to our council.

- Father Ben will be visiting Tanzania in April 2016.

- Father Joseph Sekere, a brother knight, a member of our council sends his blessings from Ushirombo Tanzania.

- Plans are being made for a 2017 Missionary Trip to Tanzania. Knights of Columbus are invited to join.

- Father Nicetas Msinge, a brother knight, sends his blessings and greeting to our council from Lowerere,

Tanzania He is also contemplating a transfer to our council.

- Audax Ndalawa, a seminarian in the Kahama Diocese, sends his blessings and greetings to our council.

He requests membership in the Knights of Columbus and has submitted his form 100

2. 2016 Clergy Appreciation Dinner (Canceled)

No dinner this year, will hold this event next year

Seminarians: (Need to support seminarians with or without the dinner)

$500 to Charles Giroux

$500 to John Fuller (tentative new seminarian)

$500 Kahama Diocese, Tanzania Seminarians?

3. (Father) Deacon Timothy Wezner first Holy Mass (Confirmed)

Sunday, May 15, 2016 – 10:00 am Holy Mass

Deacon Wezner is a council brother and a seminarian that we have supported

Father Ben has asked for Color Corp participation. The request has been submitted and approved.

4. Corporate Communions 2016 (Confirmed)

Ss Cyril & Methodius – Sunday, May 22, 2016, 1:30 pm

Knights and families participation at Holy Mass: Procession & Recession, Banners, Readings, Announcement.

Color Corp request has been submitted and approved.

5. Knights of Columbus State Convention

May 26, 27, 28 – Mackinaw Island, Father Ben has been invited to attend, he asks to be contacted March 1 for his answer

6 Corpus Christi Sunday (Confirmed)

Sunday, May 29, 2016 – 10:00 am Holy Mass

Father Ben asks for Color Corps participation - Color Corps request has been submitted and approved.

7. Men of The Scared Heart Seminar (Confirmed)

Friday, June 3, 2016 – 7:00 pm Holy Mass

Father Ben and the men of the Scared Heart ask for Color Corps participation

Color Corps request has been submitted and approved

8. Catholic Spirit of Columbus to counter Anti-Columbus Sentiment (Confirmed)

Sunday October 9, 2016 – 9:30 am Holy Mass

Fellowship and Refreshments after Holy Mass sponsored by Ss Cyril & Methodius Fellowship Ministry

Confirmed by: Mary Richards (586-323-4037)

Short film, Color Corps, Blessing of swords, Columbus fliers, Short talk after Holy Mass

Color Corps request has been submitted and approved

9. Corporate Communions 2016 (Confirmed)

Ss Rene Goupil– Sunday, September 25, 2016, 10:30 am (Marilyn May notified – Jim Pawlik please confirm)

Knights & families participation at Holy Mass: Procession & Recession, Banners, Readings, Announcement.

Color Corp request has been submitted and approved.

10. Ministry Fair No date scheduled yet - Register for participation by Council / Assembly and Circle

11. Major Degree

Need to plan and schedule this event (2) weeks after the Fall Ministry Fair

Need to reserve a Saturday morning date, the South Father Mikus Room and (2) Classrooms

12. Report on the Winter Business Meeting with Supreme Knight Carl Anderson

Jim Jaczkowski, Chancellor representing Jim Wisniewski, Grand Knight (Richmond Michigan – Sunday, January 31, 2015)

- Councils are urged to move from building based councils to parish based councils.

- Councils are urged to work with parish priests on identifying areas where support can best be focused

- Councils are urged to focus on supporting existing parish activities instead of developing new Council programs

- Councils that have sold their building should make plans as what to do with their funds. If there are no plans to purchase

another building, plans should be discussed as to dissolve the Building Corp and turn the funds over to the Council.

- Supreme will charter no new Squires Circles, though existing circles will continue to be supported

- Councils are urged to incorporate their Columbian Squires circles and their functions into parish youth activities.

Council Funds Report out each meeting -how much money is used, to date, to support each of the four Council "pillars"

1.) Service to the poor (widows and orphans) 2.) Support of priests and seminarians,

3.) Support of Right to Life issues, 4.) Support of Mentally Impaired

Jim Jaczkowski - Knights of Columbus

Chancellor - St Nickolas Council #7011

Lt Commander Color Corp - Blessed Virgin Mary Assembly #1839

Counsellor – St Tarcisius Circle # 5775, Columbian Squires

Membership Report

New Year , same challenges , Ask a Catholic Gentleman to join the order Each year we are given Goals to reach as a council. This year, those goals are 12 new Members , as of this Date we have diminished that number by two. I have application forms from three Candidates and one transfer. So God willing , we will get these gentleman through their Degree's, and add them to our roster.

Our Goals are attainable, with the help of our Membership.  Ask a Catholic Gentleman to join our Order.

Tom Starynchak

Membership Director, St Nicholas Council #7011

MI Director

Tom Starynchak  MI Chairman  St Nicholas Council 7011

Knights of Columbus “BENEFITS NEWS” 

We Stand Strong On Ethical Ground. 

Some people believe that ethics in business is a contradiction in terms. They think that in order to be profitable, a company and its leaders must abandon morality and embrace the dark, greedy side that they see so often in the news and in movies.

At the Knights of Columbus, we know this isn’t true. A business can be both ethical and successful. We are.

As a Catholic organization, we understand the value and importance of our core beliefs and the original mission of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney. In fact, much of the strength and financial security we provide to members and their families can be attributed to our ethical, moral standards.

More than 96 percent of Knights who buy our life insurance keep it, year in and year out. The Order takes this commitment to our members very seriously. This means carefully planning when it comes time to invest. Our professional staff researches all transactions to insure that they fall in line with Catholic values. If a transaction makes them uncomfortable, they don’t make it.

“We exclude any company engaged in activity that conflicts with Catholic moral teaching: companies directly involved in abortion, contraception, human cloning, embryonic stem cell research, for-profit health care that pays for any of these, or pornography,” said Supreme Knight Carl Anderson. “There are many companies in the pharmaceutical and communications industries that would undoubtedly provide excellent returns for us, but which are not in our portfolio because they engage in research and development or programming in ways that violate the sanctity or dignity of human life.”

In the end, the Knights of Columbus investment strategy is motivated by morality, not money. Yet, each year we remain profitable, increase our assets and stay dedicated to this vision that will keep the Order financially sound for generations to come.

But don’t just take our word for it. In 2016, the Knights of Columbus was named a “World’s Most Ethical Company” by the Ethisphere Institute for a 3rd Year. We were one of only two life insurance companies to earn the honor this year.

“Faithful Catholics have choices when buying life insurance,” said the Supreme Knight. “But they know that at the Knights of Columbus their policy is supplied by an insurer that shares their moral and ethical values and is guided in all of its investment and sales practices by those values.”

Contact me today to learn more about our products.

*Receive a complete Family Needs Analysis at my expense.


In Christ,

Anthony Bliss

Knights of Columbus Field Agent, 750 Pine Ridge Lane, Madison Heights, MI 48071

Cell   248-224-4396 , FAX  586-591-6500  Email

Career Opportunity:

The Knights of Columbus is seeking a Field Agent for a career opportunity representing their insurance program.

They offer a complete benefits package with this full-time position. In order to qualify, one must be eligible for membership in the Knights of Columbus. For more information, please contact, Don M. Wesley FICF, General Agent, at 888-393-7539, or


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